Florida Professional Association of

Staffing Specialists

This is who we are and what we're about.

Alisha Nesbitt- President (Past President eff. 7/1/22)

Hillsborough County Public Schools Double click here.

I am currently entering my 10th year in education. I have taught in the middle and high school levels as well as an Exceptional Student Education Center working with students with emotional behavioral disabilities. This is my third year in ESE Staffing and am an ESE Staffing Coordinator in Hillsborough County. This is my second year on the FL-PASS board, and I am excited to be serving as president. I look forward to working with everyone associated with FL PASS this year. I wish everyone a safe and productive school year!

Cheryl Acevedo- Past President (term ends 6/30/22)

School District of Lee Countyble click here.

My education career began 27 years ago in Palm Beach County continuing in Lee County. I’ve taught in elementary, middle and high schools serving ESE students in general ed, resource, and pull-out classes. I’ve learned that kids are kids – they just get taller! I transitioned to the role of ESE Staffing Specialist the past 7 years. I’ve been a FL-PASS Board member the past 4 years, serving as Historian, President Elect/Treasurer, President, and now Past President. I hope to see you all again at our next FL-PASS annual conference. Let’s choose JOY this year, as we press on in our schools.

Deborah Coleman- President Elect (President eff. 7/1/22)

Hillsborough County Public Schools Double click here.

I have been an educator in Hillsborough County for 24 years. I started my career as a general education elementary teacher. After 6 years I transitioned to teacher special education in middle school for 4 years. At the same middle school, I was the Exceptional Student Education Specialist for 10 years. This year begins my 4th year as a Staffing Specialist for the School District of Hillsborough County. I am excited to join the Florida PASS board as President-Elect and assist in facilitating collaboration with Staffing Specialist throughout the state.

Mia Espinoza- Vice President of Membership

Duval County Public Schools Double click here.

Please check back soon for Mia's Bio!

Jessica Buchanan- Treasurer  (eff 7/1/2022)

Hillsborough County Public SchoolsDouble click here.

I began my teaching career 18 years ago in Trenton, New Jersey teaching students with Emotional/Behavior Disabilities. In 2017 I began teaching Exceptional Student Education in Hillsborough County Public Schools as a Varying Exceptionality Teacher at the elementary level. I just completed my first year as a Staffing Specialist with Hillsborough County Public Schools. I am excited to join the Florida PASS board as Treasurer and look forward to working with Staffing Specialists throughout the state

Amanda Innarelli- Historian

School District of Lee CountyDouble click here.

Hello everyone! I am currently entering my 13th year in education. I started out teaching general education elementary then moved to a seperate class setting for grades 6-8. Needless to say it was a large leap. However after 10 years in special education I know this is my passion! The 2021-2022 school year will be my 4th year as a Staffing Specialist in Lee County. I am excited to take on the role of your FL-PASS Historian this year and continue to document the collaboration, mentorship and most of all FUN we get to have throughout the year! Looking forward to meeting more colleagues to learn and grow from.  

Dr. Leslie Brown- Parliamentarian

Hillsborough County Public SchoolsDouble click here.

Dr. Leslie Brown serves as a Regional Staffing Coordinator for Hillsborough County Schools. She has been a dedicated Educator with HCPS for almost 20 years. Prior to her employment with the school district, she was the Unit Manager for the Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida for 10 years. She has served in the role of Varying Exceptionalities Teacher, ESE Specialist, Staffing Specialist and Coordinator. Dr. Brown is proud graduate of Florida A&M University and the University of South Florida. She has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Master of Arts degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling and a Doctoral Degree in Cultural Anthropology. Dr. Brown is currently the Parliamentarian for the FL-PASS Board.

Dr. Joy Bonnaig- Secretary

Collier County Public Schoolsouble click here.

My name is Dr. Joy Bonnaig and I am an ESE Coordinator in Collier County. This is my 21st year in education. I spent my first two years as a general education teacher in Collier County. By my third year, I found my passing in working with students with disabilities and been in a special education role ever since. I spent seven years working as a school based staffing specialist, and then transition to the role of district trainer for our county’s ESE Staffing Specialist for four years. This is my second year in the role of Secretary for FL Pass and I am looking forward to a great school year!

Morgan Walker- President Elect (eff. 7/1/22)

Okaloosa County School District Double click here.

I have been an ESE Staffing Specialist for three years having started out as a school-based staffing specialist working with a middle and elementary school. I then transitioned to the district office to serve the role of a district staffing specialist to better support school-based staffing specialists. I spent four years teaching in a self-contained classroom for students with primarily Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder prior to becoming a staffing specialist. I am currently attending Florida State University in pursuit of an Educational Specialist degree with a focus in Educational Leadership and Administration. Go Noles!! I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the FL-PASS President Elect.